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:police: Anything within this gallery is NOT allowed to be posted anywhere else unless you ask my permission. :police:
:bulletred: If you see my artwork posted anywhere else, please tell me, thank you. :thanks:
:bulletblue: I've got a few things posted on a few old sites but still, if you see anything anywhere, let me know :please:

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Do you think I will have a baby boy or baby girl? I find out Thursday :3 

18 deviants said A girl!
15 deviants said A boy!
1 deviant said comment if you want too (as I can't tell who votes for which)


THIS IS TRAGIC! And we only got what?

We only got what? A small blurb on the news? This is a TRAGEDY! I will share... monsters shot up a school full of children and young teens and teachers... only 4 hours away from my husband :| over 100 people including small children are dead and how much news has there really been on it here? hm. spread the word... words cannot express...

this is so sad...………

I can't even...

Featuring some art until I have time to make my own dedication:

Peshawar by masimkhanniazi
Peshawar Attack by ArsalanKhanArtist

too many bad things have been happening lately...we must put a stop to violence!


FLASH animation commissions
- animations up to 3 things happening
- down payment 500 points to start

1500 points/ $15 for 1 hour
3000 points/ $30 for 2 hours
4500 points/ $45 for 3 hours

* please discuss details with me in a note or a forum post
Static stamps
DigiStamp: Rukato by Lady-RyuuXX87 Daisuke Fangirl stamp by Lady-RyuuXX87 

A static (non-moving) stamp would be 100 points. I can edit in up to 2 characters and text for this price :nod: 

These stamps are for existing screenshots only! In other words, if I were to draw the character myself then it would cost extra ^^;

Please confirm with me what you would like through comment or note first! Once we figure out the details, I request the points! If anything needs to be changed, please let me know so I can edit it to the desired effect and results :) 


also- snow day!!! I don't get paid for it but it's nice to have an extra day to relax XD;;; New England is under a blizzard warning though so we already lost power and were lucky to get it back right away- we shall see how long that lasts >.>;;;
still having trouble drawing :'c idk, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones >.>;;; my computer also decided I can't use it so I might have to figure out how to use my tablet on my hubby's laptop should my inspiration return >3<
I've had art block :/ great way to start the new year, not having motivation to draw >_< I go back and forth between being motivated though... I'm always tired now (even more so than usual) so hopefully I'll get around to it as soon as I can... how are you all doing? :B
hnnnng still 700+ messages in my inbox x.x got through about 100-200 though? I don't even know!
Happy 2017 everyone! OMG! I can't even believe it- I have tons to update you all with! Stay tuned for a journal ;3

Recap of 2016 and plans for 2017

Sun Jan 1, 2017, 2:32 PM
Hi all~ wow- so 2016 is over!!! I can't even believe it :faint: it was a whirlwind of a year... my plans last year had been to be more active here and it was probably one of my least productive years ^^; I just took a look through my gallery, I really didn't update very much :| I'll be lucky if I have a drawing for every month as I plan to do the "summary of art" for 2016... heh heh we shall see!

To go over a few things from last year and try to figure out why that may be, it was probably due to stress :B from January to March I had been working at Roger Williams University (full time) while my husband had been going to school for Cyber Security (also full time) though I think at that point he was focusing on core classes like English and Math to better understand how American schooling works and to improve his English- so during those months, when not working, I was helping him with papers and homework :B

Then, in May I got another temporary job (having searched and been depressed over not finding one in April) which only lasted 2 weeks and then I was in yet another job slump trying to find something so I poured my heart and soul into working on new art for an art festival in June which only got me about $32? After spending much more than that to print everything (and of course time itself) and had to also celebrate Ramadan for a short time because I had been sick with a cold...

July was happy news as I found out I was pregnant (I mean even with money issues we both wanted to have a baby) so that was a little sunshine in my year :3 but basically from end of May to August I was depressed from not being able to find a job... I think though at the end of June or mid July my husband got a part time job at our local grocery store ;p it wasn't much but we needed *something* but I still felt bad...

Finally in mid-August I found a job but had to wait weeks for the confirmation :/ one of my former employers kept blowing off my temp agency so I had to go in person to bug them to confirm and when they finally did it was September when I started my job ;p and of course during all this time my husband had still been going to school and while I wasn't working I was helping him with school and being depressed about not working ^^;

Soooooo yeah this is why I hadn't done much art! I had technically a very stressful year of being in between jobs so I was too upset to draw and then my husband was keeping me busy helping him with school XD;;; and then when I actually had a job, it was always full time and then still had to help hubby with homework so drawing was pretty much put on the back burner :B I did try to get back into it in November by forming an art group but that didn't work either :roll:

And of course, I had less energy to do stuff being pregnant ;p trying to take care of myself but still ended up with a sinus infection end of December :shakefist: I'm hoping 2017 will be a lucky year for us! :fingerscrossed: I really miss drawing, we will see how 2017 plays out... I know the baby will definitely be keeping us busy but if I can keep things more organized (which I have struggled with over the years) then maybe I'll be able to draw more this year ;.;

I'm putting any new commissions on hold- I still have 2 to finish from last year :( but there's a lot of art both from last year and previous years I never got around to either... I'll chart out a new goal sheet to myself for art and see what I can do... I may scrap some of my own work or maybe re-draw it for this year :shrug: So yep, that's all! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and is still supporting me :heart: it means a lot! ^O^ I hope you all have a great 2017! :D 

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Did someone say Draco Malfoy? - stamp by kas7ia

I love my husband more than anything or anyone in this world~
I-love-my-husband STAMP by SheilaBrinson I am in love STAMP by SheilaBrinson Happily Married by MissLittlewood

I like lots of things, here's a short list: anime, bishounen (especially red-heads), drawing, Harry Potter, reading manga and other books, music, playing video games, sleeping, The Sims 2, Twilight, watching dvds & tv, working on my laptop writing, etc. (yes, this is short) =p

I also don't like some things, here's another short list: art theft, bugs, heights, homophobes, inconsiderate people, my own procrastination & laziness, racists, uncomfortable weather, weird food...

To name a few of my better qualities: I'm friendly, honest and trusting. Some of my not so good qualities: I'm a picky eater, I'm shy, I hold grudges... and I wasn't sure where to put this one: I'm crazy! :XD: you can think of it as a good way or a bad way ;p it's up to you :lol:

translation: I'm Laura. I love Japanese!
I converted to Islam in 2013! Despite what you see on the media, remember that Islam means 'peace'! Please spread love, not hate!
:pray: Prayer-s by vafiehya

Current Residence: Rhode Island
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, metal, anything Japanese!! or German
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Firefox!
MP3 player of choice: Meh shiny iPod!
Shell of choice: Blue? XD
Favourite cartoon character: To name a FEW, Yamato Ishida, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sesshie, Tooya, Dark-sama...
Personal Quote: Practice makes improvement! NOTHING is ever perfect...

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